Simple vs Extravagant

Wedding these days have turned into such an extravagant event. Nothing is simple anymore. People will pour money into having best of everything at their wedding. They will spend thousands of dollars for the hall, food and alcohol. Thousands more on the dresses and tuxedos. Hundreds on the photography and flowers, all just to show off for the guests. Because that is what it has come down too, showing off for your guests and making sure they have a great time. While everyone who is involved in the process freaks out trying to make sure everything goes as planned, and that the schedule stays on track. The bride and groom are the ones that should be enjoying this day but they are the ones that are running around making sure that all the guests are taking care of. It has become the responsibility of the bride and groom to go around and greet every guest. In my opinion, the guest should be the ones that go to the bride and groom and great them. Everything should be done for them and not the other way around. Most times the bride and groom do not have enough time to enjoy their day together. It’s always, “go there now” or “its time for this now”. They never get to just relax and be together.

When I got married to my husband it was one of the most simplest events ever. We only had maybe fifty people that were invited. Just our immediate family members and close friends. We had no special dances except our dance, we no photo booth, no table centerpieces. We had my husbands cousin take all of our pictures. We had it catered and in the back yard of my grandparents house, they lived on a almost ten acres of land and had a huge barn that we used for the tables for dinner, but mostly people we having fun outside. We were married in early June so we had perfect weather. To us, our marriage was not about the actual wedding day, it was about spending the rest of our lives together. The actual ceremony lasted fifteen minutes, we had an ordained friend marry us. We had one person stand up for us, my best friend and his best friend. The bouquets were simple, just a few flowers and greens tied together with a bow, and the guys just had a carnation pinned to their shirts. No bouts or corsages for parents or grandparents or any one else, no flower girl or ring bearer either. It was like a everyday summer party in someones backyard, they only difference was that two people had just gotten married.

Since then I have seen weddings where hundreds of people have been invited, some had ice sculptures and some had nine bridesmaids and groomsmen. Why anyone would want to have all this going on for their big day is behind me. Before the night is even over most times, pictures are up on the internet, either from guests posting to social media or even from the photographer posting on their own website. I know that we just wanted to be able to relax and enjoy our day with the least amount of anxiety. That is why we had the wedding that we had. I guess everyone is different and we are all allowed to have the kind of day that we want but I still believe that the bride and groom should be able to enjoy their day together and not have to worry about making anyone else happy.

Thanks all for reading,