Rain On Your Day

I have heard many times that it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day. I wonder why that is, because I don’t think it’s lucky for it to rain on your day if you are getting married outside. As it is with most people who get married in the late spring to early fall, the majority of them get married outside and if you live in Michigan, like I do, you know that the weather can change in an instant. It could be 75 and sunny for the four days before and after your wedding day but on your day it could be in the 50s and raining. You can ever trust the weather people until the day of. The day that I got married it rained until 30 minutes before the ceremony started and we still got married ¬†outside. Everyone that was available went out and dried off all the chairs, I was real proud of my family that day, we all pulled it together to make it happen. And if I can remember correctly, I do not believe that I freaked out about the rain. The theme for my wedding was actually a dark and gloomy theme, my colors were red, black and white. We had a statue of Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas as our cake topper, so it worked out perfectly. The weather matched our wedding, so that is probably why it didn’t bother at all, plus the dark and cloudy sky made the red of the dresses pop that much more.


My husband and I attended a wedding of our friends that passed weekend where it rained all morning and they were also getting outside by a lake. Unlike us, their theme was not dark and gloomy, her colors were blue and silver, and the bride was real worried about the rain not stopping in time. I know that a lot of people were trying to calm her down by saying that if we have to move it inside that it would be no problem but when you have planned and have you heart set on getting married outside then having the ceremony inside will not be as good. The ceremony was planned to start at 4pm and luckily the rain stopped at 3pm and the sun actually came out at 330pm. She could not have been a happier person when she saw the sun come out.

I don’t know if any of you guys do this but I always compare my wedding to others, and I did with their wedding. It’s never that I try to find things that are better or worse between the two, I try to see what they did differently from us. The one thing that I wished we did that they did was get a photo booth. I got married six years ago and I do not believe that photo booths were as popular back then as they are now. What we did was buy a disposable camera to put on each table so that our guest could go around and take pictures on their own, then we got¬†them all developed. Back them I thought that was a pretty neat idea but now that I see all these weddings with photo booths, it kind of makes me wish that we would have gotten one. the photo booth company’s will make an album out of all the pictures for you. I think that is such a great idea. Oh well, now I will just make sure that I will tell people who I know that are getting married to make sure that they get a photo booth for their day because they are so much fun.

Thanks guys for sticking around, until next time