Pictures Of You

There have been many wonderful advancements in the art of photography. If you think about the very first cameras that were made and the way that we had to take pictures back in the day, you can see that we have come a long, long way. Now we have cameras that can take a wide variety of photographs, from black and whit to color, we can print words or symbols on the photos and we can make them change hues. Our phones all have cameras now, its standard, we wouldn’t be caught dead with a phone if it didn’t have a camera on it. We use cameras and take photos almost every minute of every day. We take pictures of ourselves when we are alone, we take pictures of ourselves with other people when all you are doing is hanging out at home. We have turned ourselves into picture taking fools.

It has become a standard practice in our lives to take pictures of everything, from morning until night we take pictures of anything that involves our lives. Every event that we attend, everyone has their phones out and is just snapping away, this is both good and bad. Good for the fact that you can instantly stream pictures to friends and relatives that were not able to make it either because they live out of state or if they had a previous engagement. Bad because I feel that since all we are doing is taking pictures of every moment we are missing life. We are missing the point of being around the people that make us happy. We don’t enjoy things in the moment anymore, we are always looking forward to something or looking back on the pictures we took yesterday.

We post and share our lives with every one every day. We even talk through pictures sometimes, memes and ecards are a perfect example of this. Pictures have become our way of life. It makes sense in so many ways, photography and photos have evolved so much since they were invented. We even have pictures that move slightly when you first look them, on some phones now when you swipe for the next picture, it moves. Amazing. We can get pictures instantly printed that are a much better quality than Polaroid was way back when. Instead of having to go to the store to print out our pictures, we save them to our computers and print them out right now. No more waiting. Because who has time to wait?

Photos are how we document everything now a days, we use photography to show others where we went, what we are currently doing and even what we are going to be doing in the future. We can do all of that right now. We can send anyone any picture at anytime, we can write on it, we can put symbols on it, we can change the color, we can alter ourselves, we can pretty do anything with pictures now. Technology has come so far and shown us so much.

Thanks all for reading!