New eyebrow trend for brides.

I guess I am a bit of a shut in when it comes to new beauty trends because this thing seems to have exploded in popularity right under my nose.  The new trend of which I speak of is microblading.  Women have been using permanent make up for quite some time but there are a lot of unsatisfied customers that end up with tattooed makeup that they do not like.  In comes microblading which is still technically a tattoo but the procedure is only semi-permanent.

I first came across this a couple weeks ago when photographing a bride that had the most beautiful and full eyebrows that I have ever seen.  When I made a compliment to her she unloaded her secret real quick.  She was so happy with the procedure that she loved talking about it and was happy to refer me to the person she saw to have it done.  I guess the difference between permanent make-up and microblading besides the semi-perm aspect is all in the tools that are used.  Instead of a traditional tattoo machine, your technician uses a handheld tool with no power supplied.  It is a standalone pen like tool that has several fine needles that easily create fine lines very similar to hair when combined with a pigment and a bit of pressure to your brow.

Obviously, this type of process is not for everyone but for someone like me that has very small eyebrows that are light in color, I have to say I am pretty excited about the prospect of having it done.  It feels a lot less scary then going under the gun for something that may outlast my life.  I have been told that the results last between 6 months to a year and a half.  The other thing that makes me less nervous about it is the fact that these shops use a numbing cream which makes it almost pain free.  I suppose it is still probably a bit uncomfortable but from what I hear, it is much less painful than a traditional tattoo.  I plan on getting it done before I go on vacation in the next month and so long as I am happy with the results I will post an update picture so you can all see how it turned out.

If you are a bride with light or thin eyebrows maybe you can look for a local company in your area that offers the service.  Some high end salons and tattoo shops offer this and soon I venture to say it will become even more popular.  Do you have any experience with microblading?  If so please leave a comment below!