Weddings have come a long way with both traditions and with themes. Styles and what is “in” changes on a yearly basis. We do not do the same things that our parents did “way back when”. And I have noticed that these kids these days do not even do the things that I did when I got married years ago. The dresses, flowers, the hall, the suits, photography, churches, limos, invitations and more all change yearly. No one wants to do what the last person did, yet we get all of our ideas from those who have done it before.

I have seen and participated in many weddings and I have to say that the photo booth has been one of the greatest things I have seen. They are great for the everyone, the bride and groom and the guests, young and old all can enjoy the photo booth. The photo booth companies have come a long way as well. The props they bring and the design that they can put on every picture. The happy couple can even have a copy of every picture taken either in an album or on a disc. It’s pretty amazing.

The booths them selves are evolving as well, I have seen so many types of booths. My favorite by far is the open air photo booth. For those that do not know what that term means, it is a booth that has no walls and the reason that I like these so much is because they allow for more shenanigans to go on. As the night goes on the more fun people have and we want all of our guest to have the most fun at our wedding. With more fun the pictures become more fun to look at. Of course you’ll get those boring, simple pictures that people do but that OK, you’ll also get many fun pictures to sort through. I wish I had one at these at my wedding but sadly they were not invented yet.

I recommend all of my clients to have any form of photo booth at their wedding, they are just a great idea. I suggest searching local companies and comparing prices and additional items that you could bring more life for the pictures. Some companies will put each picture that prints out in a album as soon as the picture prints, there is no waiting, the bride and groom get it the same night. Other companies will put pictures on a disc that the bride and groom can do with what they like. It’s a win/win all around. I have seen people of all ages have a great time with these and there are very few things as a wedding that every can have fun with. Not to say that people will not have fun but this is the one single thing that every one can enjoy.