New eyebrow trend for brides.

I guess I am a bit of a shut in when it comes to new beauty trends because this thing seems to have exploded in popularity right under my nose.  The new trend of which I speak of is microblading.  Women have been using permanent make up for quite some time but there are a lot of unsatisfied customers that end up with tattooed makeup that they do not like.  In comes microblading which is still technically a tattoo but the procedure is only semi-permanent.

I first came across this a couple weeks ago when photographing a bride that had the most beautiful and full eyebrows that I have ever seen.  When I made a compliment to her she unloaded her secret real quick.  She was so happy with the procedure that she loved talking about it and was happy to refer me to the person she saw to have it done.  I guess the difference between permanent make-up and microblading besides the semi-perm aspect is all in the tools that are used.  Instead of a traditional tattoo machine, your technician uses a handheld tool with no power supplied.  It is a standalone pen like tool that has several fine needles that easily create fine lines very similar to hair when combined with a pigment and a bit of pressure to your brow.

Obviously, this type of process is not for everyone but for someone like me that has very small eyebrows that are light in color, I have to say I am pretty excited about the prospect of having it done.  It feels a lot less scary then going under the gun for something that may outlast my life.  I have been told that the results last between 6 months to a year and a half.  The other thing that makes me less nervous about it is the fact that these shops use a numbing cream which makes it almost pain free.  I suppose it is still probably a bit uncomfortable but from what I hear, it is much less painful than a traditional tattoo.  I plan on getting it done before I go on vacation in the next month and so long as I am happy with the results I will post an update picture so you can all see how it turned out.

If you are a bride with light or thin eyebrows maybe you can look for a local company in your area that offers the service.  Some high end salons and tattoo shops offer this and soon I venture to say it will become even more popular.  Do you have any experience with microblading?  If so please leave a comment below!

Pictures Of You

There have been many wonderful advancements in the art of photography. If you think about the very first cameras that were made and the way that we had to take pictures back in the day, you can see that we have come a long, long way. Now we have cameras that can take a wide variety of photographs, from black and whit to color, we can print words or symbols on the photos and we can make them change hues. Our phones all have cameras now, its standard, we wouldn’t be caught dead with a phone if it didn’t have a camera on it. We use cameras and take photos almost every minute of every day. We take pictures of ourselves when we are alone, we take pictures of ourselves with other people when all you are doing is hanging out at home. We have turned ourselves into picture taking fools.

It has become a standard practice in our lives to take pictures of everything, from morning until night we take pictures of anything that involves our lives. Every event that we attend, everyone has their phones out and is just snapping away, this is both good and bad. Good for the fact that you can instantly stream pictures to friends and relatives that were not able to make it either because they live out of state or if they had a previous engagement. Bad because I feel that since all we are doing is taking pictures of every moment we are missing life. We are missing the point of being around the people that make us happy. We don’t enjoy things in the moment anymore, we are always looking forward to something or looking back on the pictures we took yesterday.

We post and share our lives with every one every day. We even talk through pictures sometimes, memes and ecards are a perfect example of this. Pictures have become our way of life. It makes sense in so many ways, photography and photos have evolved so much since they were invented. We even have pictures that move slightly when you first look them, on some phones now when you swipe for the next picture, it moves. Amazing. We can get pictures instantly printed that are a much better quality than Polaroid was way back when. Instead of having to go to the store to print out our pictures, we save them to our computers and print them out right now. No more waiting. Because who has time to wait?

Photos are how we document everything now a days, we use photography to show others where we went, what we are currently doing and even what we are going to be doing in the future. We can do all of that right now. We can send anyone any picture at anytime, we can write on it, we can put symbols on it, we can change the color, we can alter ourselves, we can pretty do anything with pictures now. Technology has come so far and shown us so much.

Thanks all for reading!


Simple vs Extravagant

Wedding these days have turned into such an extravagant event. Nothing is simple anymore. People will pour money into having best of everything at their wedding. They will spend thousands of dollars for the hall, food and alcohol. Thousands more on the dresses and tuxedos. Hundreds on the photography and flowers, all just to show off for the guests. Because that is what it has come down too, showing off for your guests and making sure they have a great time. While everyone who is involved in the process freaks out trying to make sure everything goes as planned, and that the schedule stays on track. The bride and groom are the ones that should be enjoying this day but they are the ones that are running around making sure that all the guests are taking care of. It has become the responsibility of the bride and groom to go around and greet every guest. In my opinion, the guest should be the ones that go to the bride and groom and great them. Everything should be done for them and not the other way around. Most times the bride and groom do not have enough time to enjoy their day together. It’s always, “go there now” or “its time for this now”. They never get to just relax and be together.

When I got married to my husband it was one of the most simplest events ever. We only had maybe fifty people that were invited. Just our immediate family members and close friends. We had no special dances except our dance, we no photo booth, no table centerpieces. We had my husbands cousin take all of our pictures. We had it catered and in the back yard of my grandparents house, they lived on a almost ten acres of land and had a huge barn that we used for the tables for dinner, but mostly people we having fun outside. We were married in early June so we had perfect weather. To us, our marriage was not about the actual wedding day, it was about spending the rest of our lives together. The actual ceremony lasted fifteen minutes, we had an ordained friend marry us. We had one person stand up for us, my best friend and his best friend. The bouquets were simple, just a few flowers and greens tied together with a bow, and the guys just had a carnation pinned to their shirts. No bouts or corsages for parents or grandparents or any one else, no flower girl or ring bearer either. It was like a everyday summer party in someones backyard, they only difference was that two people had just gotten married.

Since then I have seen weddings where hundreds of people have been invited, some had ice sculptures and some had nine bridesmaids and groomsmen. Why anyone would want to have all this going on for their big day is behind me. Before the night is even over most times, pictures are up on the internet, either from guests posting to social media or even from the photographer posting on their own website. I know that we just wanted to be able to relax and enjoy our day with the least amount of anxiety. That is why we had the wedding that we had. I guess everyone is different and we are all allowed to have the kind of day that we want but I still believe that the bride and groom should be able to enjoy their day together and not have to worry about making anyone else happy.

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Weddings have come a long way with both traditions and with themes. Styles and what is “in” changes on a yearly basis. We do not do the same things that our parents did “way back when”. And I have noticed that these kids these days do not even do the things that I did when I got married years ago. The dresses, flowers, the hall, the suits, photography, churches, limos, invitations and more all change yearly. No one wants to do what the last person did, yet we get all of our ideas from those who have done it before.

I have seen and participated in many weddings and I have to say that the photo booth has been one of the greatest things I have seen. They are great for the everyone, the bride and groom and the guests, young and old all can enjoy the photo booth. The photo booth companies have come a long way as well. The props they bring and the design that they can put on every picture. The happy couple can even have a copy of every picture taken either in an album or on a disc. It’s pretty amazing.

The booths them selves are evolving as well, I have seen so many types of booths. My favorite by far is the open air photo booth. For those that do not know what that term means, it is a booth that has no walls and the reason that I like these so much is because they allow for more shenanigans to go on. As the night goes on the more fun people have and we want all of our guest to have the most fun at our wedding. With more fun the pictures become more fun to look at. Of course you’ll get those boring, simple pictures that people do but that OK, you’ll also get many fun pictures to sort through. I wish I had one at these at my wedding but sadly they were not invented yet.

I recommend all of my clients to have any form of photo booth at their wedding, they are just a great idea. I suggest searching local companies and comparing prices and additional items that you could bring more life for the pictures. Some companies will put each picture that prints out in a album as soon as the picture prints, there is no waiting, the bride and groom get it the same night. Other companies will put pictures on a disc that the bride and groom can do with what they like. It’s a win/win all around. I have seen people of all ages have a great time with these and there are very few things as a wedding that every can have fun with. Not to say that people will not have fun but this is the one single thing that every one can enjoy.




Rain On Your Day

I have heard many times that it is good luck if it rains on your wedding day. I wonder why that is, because I don’t think it’s lucky for it to rain on your day if you are getting married outside. As it is with most people who get married in the late spring to early fall, the majority of them get married outside and if you live in Michigan, like I do, you know that the weather can change in an instant. It could be 75 and sunny for the four days before and after your wedding day but on your day it could be in the 50s and raining. You can ever trust the weather people until the day of. The day that I got married it rained until 30 minutes before the ceremony started and we still got married  outside. Everyone that was available went out and dried off all the chairs, I was real proud of my family that day, we all pulled it together to make it happen. And if I can remember correctly, I do not believe that I freaked out about the rain. The theme for my wedding was actually a dark and gloomy theme, my colors were red, black and white. We had a statue of Jack and Sally from The Nightmare Before Christmas as our cake topper, so it worked out perfectly. The weather matched our wedding, so that is probably why it didn’t bother at all, plus the dark and cloudy sky made the red of the dresses pop that much more.


My husband and I attended a wedding of our friends that passed weekend where it rained all morning and they were also getting outside by a lake. Unlike us, their theme was not dark and gloomy, her colors were blue and silver, and the bride was real worried about the rain not stopping in time. I know that a lot of people were trying to calm her down by saying that if we have to move it inside that it would be no problem but when you have planned and have you heart set on getting married outside then having the ceremony inside will not be as good. The ceremony was planned to start at 4pm and luckily the rain stopped at 3pm and the sun actually came out at 330pm. She could not have been a happier person when she saw the sun come out.

I don’t know if any of you guys do this but I always compare my wedding to others, and I did with their wedding. It’s never that I try to find things that are better or worse between the two, I try to see what they did differently from us. The one thing that I wished we did that they did was get a photo booth. I got married six years ago and I do not believe that photo booths were as popular back then as they are now. What we did was buy a disposable camera to put on each table so that our guest could go around and take pictures on their own, then we got them all developed. Back them I thought that was a pretty neat idea but now that I see all these weddings with photo booths, it kind of makes me wish that we would have gotten one. the photo booth company’s will make an album out of all the pictures for you. I think that is such a great idea. Oh well, now I will just make sure that I will tell people who I know that are getting married to make sure that they get a photo booth for their day because they are so much fun.

Thanks guys for sticking around, until next time



Courtney’s Wedding Photos….Finally!

Since while I am writing this it’s the beginning of the week I’ll start with the wedding that I just did this past Saturday. This bride and groom had been engaged for over a year and they decided to have me as their photographer about three months after they were engaged so we have been corresponding for almost 9/10 months if I remember correctly. The reason is because they wanted to get married at a certain location and that place was really popular and booked up for almost a year so they had to wait until it was the first free weekend. I get that people want to have their wedding at a certain place. Most people feel the location is one of the most important part about a wedding but I totally disagree with that. To me it shouldn’t matter where you get married. The most important part about a wedding is the fact that you’re getting married to the love of your life but hey, that’s just my opinion.

So this bride, her name is Courtney, decided on one of my bigger packages because she wanted as many pictures as she possibly could and at as many different locations as she possibly could, but then after a couple months she decided to lower her package because she realized that she had to pay for other things and she couldn’t afford to have one of the biggest packages that I had. Which is fine with me, I always give my couples a CD of every picture that I take so they are never shorted on a picture and they have their choice of which pictures that they want and I always take more. I never just give them exactly what they paid for. What can I say? I like to over deliver. I am always flexible with my contracts but boy oh boy this one has been a bit much. Courtney has changed her package three additional times since her first choice was made. She lowered her package, she lowered it again and then she raised it and then lowered it and then went back to our medium package. She was driving me insane but this poor girl couldn’t make a decision to save her life. She was never bridezilla, she was never rude, she was really nice and sweet but just majorly indecisive. However, I did give her a deadline that she had to lock down a package a month before her wedding. After the thirty days before she was not able to change it, so a month left her wedding and she finally locked down the medium-size package.  I reassured her that she would be really happy with that package and I wouldn’t disappoint. So Saturday comes and I meet her at her moms house so I can get pictures of her and her female relatives and all of the girls that are in the wedding and the we move to the church and I get candid pictures of everybody getting ready and having a good time.  I do have another partner who was following the boys around. And of course I get ceremony pictures and after ceremony pictures and then we go to two different locations and take on-site pictures. One of the most difficult parts about pictures after the ceremony and then before the reception is the time involved. Usually we only have between 45 minutes to an hour to go to two different places and to make sure around 50 to 60 people are listening to me, getting in position quickly so we can get done and making sure the guests are not waiting too long. This is the point where I have to be sweet yet very, very firm to everyone because usually these people have been drinking a little. They’re all excited, they’re all happy and no one listens, we actually did pretty good this time.  I think we were only about 10 minutes late to the reception. After that is usually one of the easiest things you do as a photographer because everybody’s just having fun and most of these pictures are the candid ones. On top of that, most weddings today include a photo booth which helps capture some additional photos.  I have not capitalized on the photo booth trend just yet but I really think I should.  I know a lot about it so I think it would make for some nice supplemental income.  Maybe I will write a post about that if I ever do decide to follow through with it.

I hope Courtney is happy with her photos. Now I’m just working on getting all of her pictures organized, edited and getting it over to her. I have until Thursday to do all of this so we’ll see. I’ll let you know how it all goes. Thanks everyone for reading.